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Learn to Make Music the way you want to make it.

Learn to Make Music
the way you want to make it.

Together, we will help you become a better guitarist than you thought possible. We don’t just tell you what to practice, we teach you how to practice.

Together, we will help you become a better guitarist than you thought possible.

Musicians we’ve taught are now professional musicians!

Decades of experience​
proven track record
tailored to your requirements
professional teaching

UNIQUE Lessons

Unlike other music classes, we offer specialized and unique lessons, tailored to your needs, to develop your skills. Starting as low as £4.99/mo.

Develop core skills such as:





more than 200+ happy students

Beginners or Advanced, all are very welcome in my classroom. Check out what my students say about me!

meet your teacher

my goal is to show you how to achieve your goal!

My early life was the old story of the very musical … the first guitar put into my hands at age 5 by my Uncle … my first electric guitar at age 13 - studying rock and classical guitar with a top-drawer teacher. Getting fed up with the creative wasteland that was school, leaving, and getting my first job at 15 in a recording studio. Going on to study electric guitar in the glory days of the Musicians Institute. All the first steps towards a life lived in music.

Tuition Plans​

take your music to the next level with my online or in-person tuition plans.

10 lessons

£26 15% off

£22 /class​

£220 billed upfront

4 lessons


£26 /class

£104 billed upfront

1 lesson


£27 /class

£27 billed upfront

You can arrange guitar hire with us for as little as £6.99 per month

what you will get with any of our plans

not ready to start and have questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not. Our guitar classes are open to everyone, regardless of their current level of knowledge or skills.
It’s simple. Just choose the plan that suits you best and select the dates and times that work for you. You can choose between in-person or online lessons, depending on your preference.
We tailor our lessons to each individual’s level and goals. If it’s your first time, we will evaluate your level and knowledge and create a lesson plan that is tailored to your goals.
It all depends on your dedication and practice. We not only tell you what to practice but also teach you how to practice efficiently.
No, all ages are welcome in our classrooms.
Unlike online courses, we provide one-on-one guidance on what you need to learn to become a successful musician. Our lessons are personalized to your individual needs.
We have decades of proven experience in teaching musicians how to reach their next level. Additionally, Carl, our instructor, is a musician, producer, and engineer, so he knows what it takes to achieve your goals.


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